The original windows will be replaced by ballistic glasses with thickness according to the proposed armored level, consisting of special clear glass slides, polyurethane (PU) and double polycarbonate without optical distortion, with uniform thickeness and homogeneous mass being ideal for applications requiring perfect visibility.

The polycarbonate is a high-tech product with one of the sides antiabrasive protected by UV transparent additives and with excelent resistence to abrasion and against impact, keeping all glass originality in their coloring, black band, crosslinks, rear defroster (which does not work)

Special buffers that allows the opening thereof and the respective closing effectively are installed in the front door windows.

Watch in the video below the “step by step”of the Armored process:


The opaque armor covers the entire interior of the vehicle, such as: doors, roof, wheel housings, internal and externally, hood, front wings (internal part). They are coated with eight layers of Kevlar.

Aramid is a lightweight fiber fabric of high strength casting perfectly into the vehicle, pointing out that we do not use blanket clippings but whole modules according to the area, preventing amendments that would leave vulnerable points.


Stainless steel is used in throughout the structure of the vehicle, such as: columns, pillars, ceiling contours, dishes, mirrors, door protection bars, run flat tires inserts. The structure is covered with stainless steel austenitic type F-304 acesita, which the main caracteristic is elasticity. The level of hardness is 160HB consisting of nickel that helps on resistance of corrosion.

Steel Strap installation inside of the four wheels provides protection to the vehicle, without any interference in the structures, keeping the features and original appearance of the vehicle.


We use a digital system with speakerphone which has a diferential that operates bidirectionally.


Levels Weapon Type Cartridges Bullet Velocity Bullet Energy Shots per Panel
I .22 LRHV Lead 320 +/- 12m/s 133,12 j 5
I .38 Specaial RN Lead 259 +/- 15m/s 342,12 j 5
II-A .9mm FMJ 332 +/- 12m/s 440,9 j 5
II-A .357 Mag JSP 381 +/- 15m/s 740 j 5
II .9mm FMJ 358 +/- 12m/s 512,66 j 5
II .357 Mag JSP 425 +/- 15m/s 921 j 5
III-A .9mm FMJ 426 +/- 15m/s 725,9 j 5
III-A .44 Mag Lead SWC Gas Checked 426 +/- 15m/s 1406 j 5
III 7,62x51 FJ NB .308 Wincheester FMJ 838 +/- 15m/s 3405 j 5
IV 30-06 AP 868 +/- 15m/s 4068,5 j 1
The Brazilian Army adopted by Decree number 2998 cap. III art. 18 US standard. (National Institute of Technology) – Standart 0108-01 (USA).